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9620C IP Telephone

The Avaya one-X® Deskphone
9600 Series

Brilliant audio quality, customization and performance – from a line of deskphones providing the ultimate voice communications experience. Display-based IP telephones with a context sensitive, graphical interface that can:
• Improve and simplify the traditional telephone experience.
• Provide increased call control and call management capabilities.
• Help boost productivity.
• Increase worker satisfaction.

9670G IP Telephone

Your New Phone Is Calling
With enhanced productivity, great looks and terrific investment protection, the 9600 series is a sound investment in your business and your workforce – it can turn your phone system into a competitive edge. So which model is right for you?
The one-X Deskphone is available in multiple models for varied user profiles, so you can find exactly the right phone for your unique requirements. Avaya’s user research has identified four distinct types of needs
and has solutions to meet those needs. See which ones make the most sense for you.

9640 IP Telephone

Brilliant Audio Quality
You Can Hear

The Avaya 9600 Series sets a new standard in audio quality; the acoustic design of the phone body and handset reduces background noise and provides a broader range of audio frequencies, resulting in audio quality that’s been described as better than in person. Plus, superior sound reduces fatigue and increases productivity. Avaya one-X Deskphone models support the standards-

9650C IP Telephone

The Power of SIP,
at Your Fingertips

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is supported on many 9600 models. This enables the 9600 Series IP Telephones to support applications that can increase productivity. For example, the phone integrates with Microsoft Outlook’s calendar and displays appointments – no need to boot up the computer to find out what the day’s schedule looks like. In addition, 9600

9610 IP Telephone Untether Yourself:
The Avaya 3631

Do you hate to miss calls when you’re away from your desk? Want the convenience of wireless and the benefits of IP-based converged communications – and without the cost and service inconsistency of cellular technology?
The Avaya 3631 wireless IP telephone connects to your existing WLAN, giving you access to the full range of PBX functionality. It can be bridged to your desk phone allowing you to transfer calls freely between the two, and giving you complete flexibility to start a call at your desk phone and then go mobile, or vice versa. With 24 call appearance capacity, the 3631 provides ample capacity for monitoring multiple bridged lines, perfect for the power administrative assistant with a multi-line phone.

24 Button Expansion Module

Customization Options to
Personalize your Deskphone

With new features and enhancements, it’s natural to ask whether it makes sense to buy a new phone now or wait for the next model. Avaya one-X Deskphone addresses these requirements by building adaptability and flexibility right into the phone itself. An adapter interface, on most models, on the back of the phone provides support for additional wired and wireless network environments as they are needed. Meanwhile, deskphone customization is provided via interchangeable color faceplates that are available in standard colors as well as custom designs including logo treatments – to enhance corporate identity and branding. And screen saver and background display images can be customized as well. The modular design of the 9600 Series allows you to leverage initial phone investments with enhanced capabilities as needed in the future.

3631  Wireless IP Telephone

Learn More
With more than 100 years as a leader in communications, Avaya can help your company maximize productivity with the Intelligent Communications solutions specific to the needs of your workforce.
To learn more about the Avaya one-X Deskphones, contact your Avaya Client Executive, Avaya Authorized BusinessPartner or visit for white papers, case studies and other information showcasing Avaya solutions in action.

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