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Godrej E Swipe Electronic Safe
The Godrej E- Swipe electronic safe has been designed to offer very high degree of safety, ease of operation and reliability. It can be operated by a  standard credit card or Four digit password. In case of emergency, it has a mechanical override key facility.

Godrej Data safes
Very few educated people know that the computer media can be corrupted at low heat as 52o C inside the safe. Godrej data safes have been specially designed to take care of the computer media. They come in various sizes and shapes to cater for your specific needs.

Godrej Fire Resistant Safes
Tested for fire endurance, Fire impact and Explosion hazard by the under writers’ Labs. USA. They come in various sizes to suite your needs. The standard safes are rated for one hour. However safes beyond one hour rating can be supplied on special request at an extra cost.

Matrix Safe Keeps Burglars at bay,
 This is a range of fire and burglar resistant safes. They are sleek, compact and easy to operate. Matrix has a double-walled construction, adjustable shelves, double duty barrier and option of 6-lever key lock, 3 wheel combination lock or high security digital lock.

The Godrej Fire Resisting Filling Cabinets
These cabinets are listed at UL for one hour and 2 hour ratings for fire endurance, Fire and impact as well as explosion hazards as per UL: 72 Class 350.The two hour fire-impact test involves heating the cabinet in a special designed furnace an over 1000 o c (1800o F) dropping it to a height of 9 metres and subsequently heating it again in an inverted position 10 10o C. Even after the entire duration of the test, the papers and the records inside where found intact, usable thus demonstrating its superior fire and impact resisting capabilities

Defender plus range of safes
 Incorporates a superior two step design Double wall construction with double duty barrier and TDR matrix, for improvement performance. These safes are approved by the underwriters’ Labs USA. They are also fire resistant, burglar resistant, making them an absolute necessity for a premise like yours.

Godrej safe Deposit Locke Cabinets
Why get sleepless nights and worry the whole day by keeping important documents and valuables at home? Godrej Safe deposit Locker Cabinets can take care of your important documents and valuables and give you peace of mind at all times. These lockers are operated

Defender plus range of strong room doors
Incorporate superior design and increase of overall barrier protection. It also reinforces by the unique Godrej double duty barrier material for superior protection against fire attacks of impact tool, power drills, etc. Defender plus class II doors are recommended for maximum protection of valuables in your strong room.

Fire resisting record cabinet (FRRC)
The Godrej FRRC has a sturdy double-walled body reinforced at vital points and door of multiband construction fabricated from prime quality steel. The Godrej FRRC has net effective storage volume of 640 Liters (22 cubic  feet). The door of the Godrej FRRC is secured by a strong bolt-work mechanism which by the turn of the handle throws a total of 8 bolts into the body in all four directions.

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